28 January 2016

starting the new year by celebrating it isn't the way of me
nor neglecting it also isn't the way it should be

by far,this life seems to test me from each side,
the fulfillment of necessary things, sometimes brings me to a stage
where everything looks desperating,sometimes mesmerizing

i'm a sinner, and i tend to make mistake
i do
because perfect i'm not...so blame me and i won't grumble
but insulting me is another whole level
i'm a mere human, i have feelings,i have my own task
all i need is a little respect
respect from a human to another human

yeah, nobody can't accept the repeated mistake
but who am i to stop it,
i'm still trying
if you can be in my shoe just for a day
just for a day
you will understand how struggling i am
how hard to fight
how hard to reconcile
how hard to satisfy others

honestly,i'm still trying
nothing i will regret,this life is a bless
although it brings me hard times
i won't back up,
i won't

and i'll try my best


  1. mdeans always the true supporter,haha
    numtan nanti aku sambung,haha