21 September 2012

the riddle

it is hard to judge something beyond your imagination

it is also hard to decide when the solution depends on what you will face till the end of the line

you just think and think,but worthless...you may seem as an ignorance as anybody,but deep inside you feel that everything will explode,but view on the outside perspective...you seem so tender,soft,... CALM LIKE A BOMB

nobody knows they will live for how many days,years...even seconds....but they decide which way they want to live their life..each of us choose their own path..whether we realize it or not.

i still walk this path, path that nobody has taken ( if there's somebody else,i might not know them)....path where depression,tension,those bad feelings just as good as your friend to me....where everyday i deal with the emotion,and sometimes it gives me chill,gives me strength...and usually it gives me headache.... this is the path where i will go,and i believe that,this path ends with it's glory....and glory is so subjective.....

sometimes you think twice in making a decision,but trusting your instinct is far better than that

yours truly