08 April 2010

it is still hard to stand on your own

its been months,and the day keep running away and away...time goes by so fast,and it is so hard to keep up the rhythm and follow the tune..i keep stumble and get up slowly to keep up the pace...well, there are many more to be discovered way beyond my imagination, so i have to keep walking,and walking... seriously, it is harder for myself to do that on my own,it is not as hard as we just see it with our own eyes, because it all depends on the eye of the beholder...(what the f@*k i'm writing rite now,hahaha!) ...slowly, and slowly...thanks to the almighty that i have the chance to repent on my sins,and what matters the most, life must go on,heheh!

beside that,nothing else matters,

please forgive me

04 April 2010

gone with the sin

something that keep bothering me,and as always,it keep me bothered
but sometimes i realize that i need something to bother me,because it will keep me busy,and ignoring the thing that bothers me before... so it is difficult to question what the wrongdoings i have done before,and what must i do to keep it from bothering me again and again... i think, the solution that i have to make,mustn't affect anybody,and doesn't effect to somebody... so any suggestion? i'm totally in dilemma right now

no need to gone with the sin again,i had enough of it already...

you're torn apart