05 April 2011

funny though....but it is our reality,heheh!

hahahahahahahahaha! put a smile upon my face? nah! it is just isn't a smile but i'm laughing too,laughing about all the joke that i read on the headlines,the taglines or even about the commercials written on the newspapers....hahahaha! why am i laughing? ok...ask yourself,what come out from your mind when we thought about newspapers? of course it is about the news right? but everyday what i can see in the newspapers are just the same...joke,joke joke! hahahaha! seems like i'm reading a humor comic or what?hahahaha! i think next time i will only read the title of the newspapers only,because it isn't a joke after all ( or you think it is)...hahaha! silly lilly...

enough of that, i hope we will discuss about something more important,on how to develop our country,and help our prime minister in every aspect,especially to prevent bribery, poverty ,or else... stop this propaganda about sex and all that,it brings nothing to us.... but sometimes it can be a kind of.... therapy to put your stress away? (maybe)

hmmm, another silly thing that came out from me

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